A Touch of Frost (ATOF) functions as a hub for the many services of multi-dance-music industry icon Andee Frost. Dealing with the big and small, ATOF provides solutions for all ‘dancethropological’ related concerns. From touring international big-wigs to managing Melbourne’s best DJs, to directing and maintaining venue visuals, down to fixing feedback issues and directing staff on how to slay the simple stuff, like coaching DJs to DIY.


Having been immersed in the industry for 17 years now Andee knows how to balance all the crucial club considerations: sound, space and social interaction – always adding a garnish of fantasy to enhance the escape experience that epitomises dance culture. Events he’s established, such as the internationally recognized The House de Frost, with its classic vinyl disco ethos and audience-engaging vogue catwalk, highlight Andee’s authentic connection to “the party” and his ability to translate this into viable ventures for venues.


His global networks across the DJ, music and creative arts community enable him to meld stimulating interiors with complementary sounds and talents. Subsequently he has become the go-to booking agent and key consultant for various high (and low) brow spots including: The National Gallery of Victoria, The Prince of Wales, Revolver, Honkytonks, New Guernica and Meredith Music Festival among others.